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Welcome to, a website about pens and the economics behind the business of pens.

These might seem like two unrelated subjects, but “pen economics” dictates the pens that get made, the designs of those pens, where those pens are sold, and so much more. All too often we classify things, placing them in a bucket like “hobby,” and then we fail to examine them deeply. Professional sports was once like this, but today the business of sports is important news, followed by many as closely as the outcomes of the games themselves.

This site attempts examine what we can about the business of pens (primarily fountain pens) in order to gain a deeper understanding them and the pen marketplace. This is inherently a difficult goal as most of the companies making pens are private and they don’t attempt to rationalize — or sometimes even publicize — their decisions, so we’ll do what we can while attempting to keep things fun and interesting.

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